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Bird City – Wisconsin

Protecting and Managing Bird Populations



(Pictures taken by Bill Hobbs)

The City of Cedarburg is working to protect and manage areas within the city limits and surrounding areas for the benefit of both migrating and resident birds. City of Cedarburg passed resolution 2017-11 -recognizing International Migratory Bird Day on May 8, 2017. Cedarburg has several nature areas that are great for bird habitat. The City of Cedarburg would like everyone in the community to become more aware of how they can protect the population of birds in our area. The following information and list of websites is made available as a means to help educate people about the things they can do to help maintain our bird populations.

Current Trails in Cedarburg for Bird Watching

(We are in the process of fixing up these trails but there are sections that are already open.)

Cedar Pointe Conservancy: N31W6951 Lincoln Blvd

Cedar Pointe Conservancy Sign

Cedar Pointe Conservancy Trail

Founders Park: W67N520 Evergreen Blvd

Founders Cemetery Park Sign

Founders Cemetery Park Trail

Cedarhedge Trail: W60N840 Sheboygan Rd/W61N611 Mequon Rd

Backyard Bird Habitat

Having a bird-friendly yard has never been more important as nearly 80 percent of wildlife habitat in the United States is in private hands, and an average of 2.1 million acres each year are converted to residential use (Cornell Lab of Ornithology, 2012). There are a number of ways to attract birds to your yard, from planting native plants to providing safe stopover areas for them to eat, drink and nest.

Creating a Backyard Habitat

To help you protect the bird population of the area, as well as maintain your backyard habitat, we have included the following links to other informational sources: 

Certify Your Yard

By providing food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young, you not only help wildlife, but you also qualify to become an official Certified Wildlife Habitat and join the nearly 176,000 sites across the country.

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