City Forms


Application for Boards, Committees and Commissions



Operator License Form


Block Party Permit

Application for Street Use Permit


Building Permit Forms

Fee Schedule
Information Needed for Obtaining a Permit
Cautionary Statement to Owners Obtaining a Building Permit
Building Permit Application Information
Deck Information
Electrical Permit Application
Erosion Control Permit Application
Fence Regulations
Floor Area Ratio & Lot Coverage Guidelines
Garage and Accessory Buildings Code
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Permit Application
Occupancy Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Sign Approval Process
Sign Permit Application
Water Heater/Softener Installation Permit
Yard Information

City Hall Meeting Room Rental

Rental Application


Direct Seller License – exempt

License Application for non-profit organizations
License Application for non-exempt organizations
Rules and Regulations


Dog/Cat Licenses – Need to have rabies certificate

Application Form – Dog License & Cat License
The fee is $5 for a spayed or neutered dog or cat and $10 for an unspayed or unneutered dog or cat.  Please send rabies certificate along with fee to City Hall.


Election Forms

Voter Registration

Engineering Forms

Street Opening Permit
Stormwater Management Permit Application
Sidewalk Permit/Driveway Approach Application
Bidders Statement of Qualifications


Land Development (zoning, annexation, conditional use, variance, site/architectural plans, subdivision plat, CSM review)

Conditional Use Guidelines
Floor Area Ration (FAR) & Lot Coverage Explanation
Impact/Development Fee Schedule
Land Development Application
Land Development Fee Schedule
Site, Architectural, Lighting & Landscaping Plan Approval Guidelines
Subdivision Plats and Certified Survey Map Technical Requirements
Temporary Use Application
Variance Guidelines
Zoning Map & Text Amendment Guidelines



Application Form for Library Card

Mobile Vendors

       Application Form for Mobile Vendors and Mobile Food Establishments

Parade Permit

Application Form


Revolving Loan Fund Program

Policies & Procedures Manual
Application Form


Senior Center

Application for Membership