Current status of the EPA Cleanup of the Cedar Creek Site

Click here for information regarding the cleanup of Cedar Creek site.  Click here for information related to the settlement reached at the Cedarburg Creek Superfund alternate site.

Cleanup of Ruck Pond Raceway began the week of November 7.  Cedarburg residents may notice workers cleaning out PCB-contaminated culverts from the dam to Mill Street and between the upper and lower sections of the raceway.  Workers are digging up contaminated soil and sediment near the mill and storing it at Adlai Horn and Legion Memorial Parks along with the contractors’ equipment and trailers.  Areas of the ball park have been “built out” to add small access roads to allow equipment to be easily moved to and from the shoreline. The raceway gate was closed to keep the raceway as dry as possible during the cleanup. The soil and sediment is being taken to landfills that are licensed to accept and dispose of PCB-contaminated material.  Since this type of work can usually be done in all weather conditions, this cleanup should be completed by the end of the year.

EPA and WDNR are overseeing the cleanup which is being paid for by Mercury Marine.  EPA and Mercury Marine will continue to work through the winter to ensure that the cleanup of Columbia and Wire and Nail Ponds starts in spring 2017.  It should take about six to eight months to clean up both ponds.

The “action memorandum” which outlines the final cleanup plan and “administrative order on consent” which is the legal agreement between EPA and Mercury Marine are available for public review.  Both documents are dated May 31, 2016.  These, and other site-related documents, can be found by clicking on “administrative record” on the site’s web page www.epa.gov/superfund/cedar-creek.


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