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City Hall Staff

City Administrator/Treasurer

Christy Mertes
(262) 375-7606
E-mail cmertes@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

City Assessor

Cathy Timm
(262) 375-7608
E-mail ctimm@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

City Attorney

Michael P. Herbrand

City Clerk’s Office

Constance K. McHugh, City Clerk
(262) 375-7606
E-mail cmchugh@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Amy Kletzien, Deputy City Clerk
E-mail akletzien@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Jenny Valenta, Administrative Assistant
E-mail jvalenta@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Economic Development Coordinator

Mary Sheffield
(262) 387-2050
Email msheffield@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Emergency Management

Police Chief Thomas Frank, Emergency Management Director
(262) 375-7620
Email cpd@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Kevin Runkel
(262) 375-7616
Email: krunkel@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Engineering/Planning/Public Works/Building Inspection/Cemeteries

Thomas A. Wiza, Director
(262) 375-7610
E-mail twiza@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Jon Censky, City Planner
E-mail planner@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Mike Wieser, Assistant Engineer
E-mail mwieser@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Darla Drumel, Administrative Secretary
E-mail ddrumel@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Joel Bublitz, Public Works Superintendent
E-mail jbublitz@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Eric Hackert, Wastewater Superintendent
E-mail ehackert@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Michael Baier, Building Inspector/Cemeteries
(262) 375-7609
E-mail mbaier@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Kim Gordon, Secretary
E-mail kgordon@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Fire Department

(262) 375-7630
Jeff Vahsholtz, Chief
E-mail jvahsholtz@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Bill Hintz, Assistant Chief


Linda Pierschalla, Director
(262) 375-7640
E-mail lpierschalla@cedarburglibrary.org

David Nimmer, Assistant Library Director
E-mail dnimmer@cedarburglibrary.org

Light & Water Utility

Dale Lythjohan, General Manager
(262) 375-7650
E-mail dlythjohan@cedarburglightandwater.org

        General E-mail generalmail@cedarburglightandwater.org

Karsten Huse, Electric Utility Superintendent
E-mail  khuse@cedarburglightandwater.org

Tim Martin, Water Utility Superintendent
E-mail  tmartin@cedarburglightandwater.org

Parks, Recreation & Forestry

Mikko Hilvo, Director
(262) 375-7611
E-mail mhilvo@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Kevin Westphal, Parks & Forestry Superintendent/City Forester/Weed Commissioner
(262) 375-7662
E-mail kwestphal@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Maggie Bultman, Recreation Supervisor
(262) 375-7611
E-mail: mbultman@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Danny Friess, Recreation Supervisor/Office Manager
E-mail dfriess@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Senior Center

Carol LaFontaine, Senior Supervisor
(262) 375-7644
E-mail clafontaine@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Aubrey Suppiger, Asst. Senior Supervisor/Office Manager
(262) 375-7644
E-mail asuppiger@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Police Department

Thomas Frank, Chief
(262) 375-7620
E-mail cpd@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Glenn Lindberg, Captain
E-mail glindberg@ci.cedarburg.wi.us
Web Site http://www.cedarburgpolice.com

Treasurer’s Office

Christy Mertes, City Administrator/Treasurer
(262) 375-7607
E-mail cmertes@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Kelly Livingston, Deputy Treasurer/Payroll Officer
E-mail klivingston@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Kathy Huebl, Accountant II
E-mail khuebl@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Jenny Valenta, Account Clerk/Receptionist
E-mail jvalenta@ci.cedarburg.wi.us