Common Council

The City of Cedarburg, located in Ozaukee County, operates under the laws of the State of Wisconsin as a fourth class city. Its Mayor/Council government format includes a City Administrator, appointed by the Council, to direct and coordinate operations and services.

Mission Statement

The City of Cedarburg seeks to preserve its historic, “small town” atmosphere and quality of life while balancing the desires of our community by delivering high quality programs and services in a fiscally responsible manner.

Council Photo 2018

First Row (left) – Council Member Kristin Burkart; Mayor Mike O’Keefe; Council Member Patricia Thome
Second Row (left) – Council Members Jack Arnett; Garan Chivinski;  Dan von Bargen (resigned 03/26/19); Rick Verhaalen; Rod Galbraith


Mike O’Keefe
(Term expires: April 2021)
(262) 375-6330 mokeefe@ci.cedarburg.wi.us

Common Council

First District: vacant
(Term exp. April 2020)
Second District: Jack Arnett
(Term exp. April 2021)
(262) 208-4598 dist2cm@ci.cedarburg.wi.us
Third District:  Kristin Burkart
(Term exp. April 2020)
(262) 745-5934  dist3cm@ci.cedarburg.wi.us
Fourth District: Rick Verhaalen
(Term exp. April 2021)
(262) 251-6575 dist4cm@ci.cedarburg.wi.us
Fifth District: Garan Chivinski
(Term exp. April 2020)
 (262)421-5414 dist5cm@ci.cedarburg.wi.us
Sixth District: Patricia Thome
(Term exp. April 2021)
(262) 377-7154 dist6cm@ci.cedarburg.wi.us
Seventh District: Rod Galbraith
(Term exp. April 2020)
(262) 483-0562 dist7cm@ci.cedarburg.wi.us


Aldermanic District / Ward Map

Click here to view and/or print the City of Cedarburg Aldermanic District/Ward map. A map is also available in the City Clerk’s Office.