ABCs on Concussions

Concussion Information (Section 118.293 of the Wisconsin Statutes)

The Sidelined for Safety Act became law on April 2, 2012. The law requires the development of guidelines to inform and educate pupil athletes, their parents or guardians, and coaches of the nature and risk of concussion in youth athletic activities. It requires youth athletic leagues to distribute a concussion and head injury information sheet annually to each coach and to each participating athlete, which must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned prior to participation. It also requires the removal of a youth athlete by a coach, official or health care provider if it is determined that that person exhibits signs and symptoms of concussion or head injury and if a concussion is suspected. The athlete may not return until evaluated by a licensed health care professional and receives written clearance to return. Coaches, officials or volunteers are immune from civil liability unless an omission rises to the level of gross negligence or wanton or willful misconduct.

Below are resources and informational sheets. The waivers that must be signed before play begins are at the Parks and Recreation Office. You will be asked to sign it when you sign up your child for the program.

Concussion FAQs

Information Sheets

Parent Information Sheet
Athlete Information Sheet
Coach Information Sheet

Signature Sheets (to be signed before first practice)

Coach Agreement
Parent/Athlete Agreement
Concussion Evaluation Form