Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

EAB_Management_Plan – City of Cedarburg

EAB FOUND WITHIN CEDARBURG CITY LIMITS 1/30/2014. Treatment of majority of the Ash Trees was started in 2008.

Please contact the Parks & Forestry Department (375-7662) if you suspect EAB in your tree!

Conserve the Ash Trees

FAQ – Potential Side effects of EAB insecticides

Homeowners Guide to EAB

Professional Guide to EAB Insecticide Treatments

Wisconsin Pest Information

For more information on EAB please visit: http://www.emeraldashborer.wi.gov/


Cedarburg is within the zone recommended for treatment by the State Dept. of Agriculture. The City Forester recommends treating your Ash Trees with imidacloprid.
– Homeowners can purchase Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub at local garden centers. Follow label instructions.
– Or hire an ISA Certified Arborist. A list of Arborists in our area can be found at www.treesaregood.org click on “Find a Tree Care Service”.

Smaller trees (less than 12″ in diameter) can be treated with a soil application such as Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub or a soil injection of Imidacloprid by a certified Arborist.

Larger trees (12″ + in diameter) should be treated using a trunk injection method.

The City Forester recommends the Direct – Inject QC Trunk Injection System manufactured by Arbor Systems, Inc.

This is the method that has been proven successful in saving Ash Trees in Michigan.

Further information on the success of this treatment can be scene as a video download at: www.treeresearch.org
Title: “The Michigan Experience”

City of Cedarburg has contracted with Emerald Tree Care for Spring 2014 treatment of City owned Ash Trees. There will be a discount given to City of Cedarburg residents if you plan to treat your trees. For more information please call Wayne White at (248) 939-0225. You can also visit his website at: http://www.ashborer.com/
Please contact him as soon as possible in order to schedule Spring treatment.

Annual Economic Benefit of Cedarburg’s Street Ash Trees = $155,386

Annual Cost To Chemically Treat Cedarburg’s Street Ash Trees = $45,000

For information on EAB visit www.emeraldashborer.info

To calculate the Annual Economic Benefit of the ash trees on your property visit www.treebenefits.com.