Municipal and Land Use Code

Click this link to access the complete Municipal Code (updated 12/18/18)

Click this link to access the complete Land Use Code (updated 12/18/18) Zoning Code Illustration

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Title 1 General Provisions for Use of Code of Ordinances

Title 2 Government and Administration

Title 3 Finance and Public Records

Title 4 Administrative Determination Reviews

Title 5 Public Safety

Title 6 Public Works

Title 7 Licensing and Regulation

Title 8 Health and Sanitation

Title 9 Public Utilities

Title 10 Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Title 11 Offenses and Nuisances

Title 12 Parks and Navigable Waters

Title 13 Zoning Code – Zoning Code Illustrations

Title 14 Land Division and Subdivision Regulations

Title 15 Building and Sign Code

Title 16 Community Development Authority (CDA)