Here’s what business owners are saying about Cedarburg….


“About ten years ago my wife and I drove through downtown Cedarburg on an August Sunday afternoon. The sidewalks were jammed with people going in and out of the stores. The next day I called the Chamber and asked what special event was going on, their answer: it was just a normal weekend in Cedarburg. Two months later we relocated our store to Cedarburg, it proved to be the best thing I could have done for my business”!


“People move to Cedarburg for its safe, walkable downtown. With coffee, arts, movie, and shopping venues easily accessible to children and adults to enjoy. Cedarburg shares a uniqueness and support network unlike any other city. Come and see for yourself!”


“My wife and I owned a business in Cedarburg for 29 years and I can’t count the number of times I told people how fortunate we were to have established our business here. For years when I would open my store in the morning I would experience a physical thrill to be doing so in such a wonderful location. So many things about Cedarburg worked in our favor, from the charm of its historic buildings and its location on Cedar Creek to the proximity of large population bases such as Milwaukee and Chicago.

During our years in business the never flagging efforts of local business people, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations, produced a flow of information and activities which kept tourist and shoppers coming to town in a steady flow.

We’ve traveled a lot and visited many quaint and charming communities, some of which are nationally famous, but there were very few which could compare on an all around basis to the qualities of Cedarburg. The bottom line for us was always that we couldn’t have found a better place to own a business”.